• Female and male experienced, professional family general practitioners
  • Childhood immunisations (following the Australian Immunisation Schedule)
  • Travel vaccines
  • Flu Vaccines including the four strain “super vaccine”
  • Minor procedures on site including wart removals and skin biopsy (cancer checks)
  • Inplanon & Mirena insertion & removal
  • Clinilabs Pathology (no travel for tests when requested by our doctors!)
  • Occupational health, work & driving medicals
  • Dentist (DMC only), psychology, dietetic and podiatry services available on site
  • Basic emergency care for cuts, abrasions, minor burns and the like plus management of other more serious issues while waiting for an ambulance

Welcome to our online script and referral request system.


  • This service is only available to patients who have seen the doctor within the last 6 months regarding the specific issue.
  • Your doctor will need to decide if it is appropriate for you to receive a prescription or referral without a consultation.
  • Scripts for some medications require a consultation - this includes antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure tables, diabetic tablets. Also, some medications require a consultation more often than 6 monthly. Please use the bookings system should you require such medications. If you are unsure you are welcome to call our friendly staff at reception.
  • If the prescription you request cannot be done without a consultation you will receive a phone call and the prescription fee will be refunded.
  • If your doctor does not appear in this list, please contact the medical centre by phone or email.
  • For medications: include the name and date of birth of the patient and name of the medication in the text box.
  • For referrals: include the name and date of birth of the patient and doctor the referral is for.
  • As a part of the fee, we offer to post the prescription to your own pharmacist so you can collect it from there. If you would like this please add this as a note in the checkout phase and include the pharmacy location, address and contact number.
  • Should there be any issues in filling your script please feel free to contact us on (08) 9246 9922.
  • If the script cannot be provided without a consultation you will be contacted and refunded. You will receive a confirmation email from us once the script has been completed.
  • If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours please contact us.
  • Due to the variability or limited schedules of some doctors, it may take a few days to be completed. You will be notified by email if this is the case. It is also not a good idea to wait until the last minute to request your script - try to make arrangements after you pick up your last repeat.
  • Note, if you place an order by mistake only a partial refund can be given. Once the request has been forwarded to a doctor, a refund will not be given.
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As we are upgrading this website we welcome suggestions that would make processing easier. Please feel free to email us with any web suggestions. All information submitted to this system is protected as per Paypal and Duncraig Medical Centre’s privacy policies.